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Deploying on Athomation

Account Verification

Before starting, ensure your account is fully verified. If not, follow these steps:

  • - Register and create an Athomation account if you haven't already.
  • - Verify your email address using the link sent after registration.
  • - Fill in all required details under 'Profile' once logged in.
  • - Provide a valid ID if prompted in the dashboard.

Deploy Your App

Deployment is just a few clicks away. Proceed as follows:

  • - Browse and find your desired app.
  • - Click on the 'Deploy Now' button. Our platform handles everything behind the scenes.
  • - Track deployment progress.

Post Deployment

  • - Test your app to ensure seamless functionality on our platform.
  • - For feedback or any issues, reach out by creating a support ticket in the user console.

Disclaimer of Responsibility

By using Athomation for deployment purposes, users ("Deployers") fully understand and acknowledge that Athorio is solely responsible for providing the underlying infrastructure. The operational responsibility of the software, including but not limited to backups, updates, scaling, licensing rights, and security, falls entirely on the Deployer.

Athomation, an initiative by Athorio, utilizes technologies like Cloud-Init for swift software installations. While it aids in simplifying the deployment process, its suitability for long-term operations in production environments might vary. Deployers are strongly advised to exercise due diligence and, if necessary, consult specialists for sustained operations.

Any consequences, losses, or damages arising from the deployed software's operation or malfunctions remain the sole responsibility of the Deployer. Athorio holds no accountability beyond the provision of its infrastructure platform.

Experiencing issues or have queries? Join our Discord Channel. We're here to help!