Floating IPs: Enhanced Connectivity

Floating IPs and Static IPs at Athorio: Elevate Your Servers to the Internet

At Athorio, we're committed to offering flexibility and ease-of-use for our users. To cater to diverse needs, we're introducing both Floating IPs and Static IPsโ€”features that allow you to assign specific IP addresses to your servers, ensuring consistent accessibility regardless of underlying changes.

What are Floating IPs?

Floating IPs are dynamic IP addresses that can be shared among multiple machines. They use the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) to ensure there's no single point of failure. With VRRP, one machine always acts as the master, ensuring uninterrupted service. This setup is particularly beneficial for high availability scenarios, such as load balancers, where service continuity is paramount.

What are Static IPs?

Static IPs are fixed IP addresses assigned through the user interface. They provide a consistent address for your server, making it easier to connect it to the internet. This is especially useful for services that require a consistent IP address, like game servers or web hosting.

Seamless Integration with Athorio's APN

The beauty of Athorio's IP solutions lies in their seamless integration with our APN (Athorio's Private Network). Users can:

  • Connect to their APN via VPN solutions like WireGuard.
  • Deploy servers in an air-gapped environment.
  • Assign a Floating IP or Static IP, making the server easily accessible from the internet.

This combination of APN with both IP types means you have a secure, isolated environment that's still effortlessly reachable, giving you the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Using Floating and Static IPs

  • Consistent Accessibility: No need to update IP addresses in your configurations or DNS if a server changes.
  • Enhanced Reliability: With Floating IPs, ensure service continuity by switching the IP to a backup server in case of failures.
  • Simplified Scalability: Deploy new servers and simply reassign the IP without waiting for DNS propagation.

Getting Started with IPs at Athorio

Setting up IPs with Athorio is straightforward. Navigate to your dashboard, choose a server, and attach either a Floating IP or a Static IP based on your needs. Itโ€™s that simple!

Incorporating these IP solutions into your server setup not only improves accessibility but also enhances redundancy and failover mechanisms. It's yet another tool in Athorio's arsenal to ensure that your projects run smoothly and remain accessible.

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