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Dynamic Storage Management on Athorio Cloud!

Athorio Cloud continues to push the boundaries in offering seamless cloud experiences. We're excited to unveil our latest feature: Dynamic Storage Management. Now, handle your storage needs in real-time without causing any disruption to your running virtual machines.

What is Dynamic Storage Management?

Dynamic Storage Management allows users to interact with storage volumes in multiple ways without ever needing to shut down their VMs. The feature offers unparalleled flexibility in handling storage operations.

Benefits of Dynamic Storage Management

  • Attach on the Go: Need extra storage for your VM? Simply attach a new volume without any interruptions.
  • Detachable Volumes: If you no longer require a volume or want to attach it to another VM, detach it seamlessly.
  • Resize in Real-Time: Outgrown your current storage? Resize your volume up or down based on your needs, all while your VM continues to operate.
  • Cloning Made Easy: Create an exact replica of your volume with our clone feature, ensuring consistency across your deployments.

How Does It Work?

Using Dynamic Storage Management is a breeze with the Athorio Cloud dashboard:

  • Attach: Navigate to the VM you want to attach storage to, select 'Attach Volume', pick your volume, and you're set!
  • Detach: Choose the volume you want to detach, click 'Detach', and the volume will be unlinked from the VM.
  • Resize: For an existing volume, select 'Resize', specify the new size, and the system will take care of the rest.
  • Clone: Highlight the volume you'd like to clone, opt for 'Clone Volume', and you'll have an identical volume ready in no time.

Never again will storage limitations stand in your way. With Athorio Cloud's Dynamic Storage Management, scaling and managing your storage requirements is just a click away. Start optimizing your storage game today!

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